Poker & Blondes Jokes

Here is the list of the best Poker & Blondes related jokes we have heard, if you have additional jokes about Poker & Blondes that are not listed here, please send them to us and we shell include them as well.


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Blonde Nurse

An expert poker player went to the hospital for a few routine tests. This older nurse came in the room in and they started talking about poker, as they talk she explains to him that a requirement of these test is that his genitals should be shaved, as the procedure goes in all similar tests. Naturally our patient agrees the nurse goes about her business shaving when she sees a tattoo saying "R U S H "covering his private place.

The elderly nurse, all fussy about her new discovery, confides in her assistant a beautiful hot blonde, of course stating the strange location of the tattoo. The younger blonde nurse, a poker fan tries to explain to elderly nurse what the phrase "RUSH" states in poker. After all these explanation the hot blonde nurse makes up her mind up and sneaks to see the talked about tattoo herself. She comes into the poker player's room and starts "examining” him herself… As she bends over our poker player is presented with her voluptuous, the young nurse wastes no time and reaches around in search of the tattoo. A few minutes go by and the younger blonde nurse bumps into the elderly nurse and smilingly she says to her, "I guess I got the wrong room, I also saw a poker player, but his tattoo said:

'R O Y A L F L U S H'."


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Girls and Poker

Three girls on the ninth grade walk into a poker room, a brunette a blond, and a redhead.....

Q: The doorman chases out the brunette and the redhead, but the blond stays in wonder why??

A: because she is 23....  


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A Blonde playing strip poker

Have you heard about the blonde that went to a nudist camp to play strip poker?


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 A Blonde Plays Poker

Have you heard about the blonde girl who brought a bag of French fries to the poker game? Somebody told her to bring her own chips.  


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